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Do you ever wonder what is behind a stranger’s smile? Well, here at Project Smile we are committed to changing perceptions one smile at a time.
Project Smile is a new initiative committed to changing the perceptions of young black males in the media. Through the use of 100 portraits of smiling black men, we will be telling the stories behind their smiles.


When you smile at a person and they smile back how does it make you feel? Do you feel as though you have made an unseen connection with that person? Like you have somehow transferred some energy with each other. Project Smile believes just that, a smile is a positive exchange of energy, and we will use the power of a smile to close the divide between communities and change a negative narrative into a positive one. 

Want to be a face of Project Smile? 
Send us a headshot and 100 words highlighting the story behind your smile or why you would like to be a part of Project Smile.

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